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Closing Greenfield Home in Strabane

Closing Greenfield Home in Strabane will save the government just £300,000 per year. Last month Minister McGimpsey announced he would be “investing in an eating disorder unit in 2010″.

Surely opening an eating disorder unit could be postponed until we iron out the issue of where the elderly of Strabane will go if he backs the Western Trust proposal?

It seems the Minister is juggling more and more of Northern Ireland’s Health issues while actually addressing very few.

The proposed closure of Gortmore House

I would like to ask why the Health Minister is proposing to close Gortmore House in Omagh in an attempt to find efficiency savings.

Surely there are better areas where savings can be found, rather than closing a vital residential home for elderly people.

Local economy

What is the Assembly doing for market towns like Omagh in the current economic climate?