The Northern Ireland Assembly, in Parliament Buildings, is home to 108 MLAs elected from Northern Ireland’s 18 constituencies. Parliament Buildings houses the Assembly Debating Chamber. Every Monday and Tuesday MLAs debate the issues that affect the lives of us all. You can attend the debates in Parliament Buildings or watch them online athttp://www.niassembly.gov.uk/stream_home.htm

The job of the Assembly’s Committees is to check and monitor the work of government Departments and Ministers and make sure it meets the needs of local people. They monitor the Department’s policies and spending, and scrutinise proposals for new legislation.

Committees consider and work on issues of concern to the community. They speak to experts, local people and specialist organisations. To help the Committee form its views on particular issues, it invites people and groups to give evidence at formal meetings, visits local businesses, groups, schools and events.

Committees also carry out inquiries and produce reports. These recommend ways, for example, to improve the quality of life for people in Northern Ireland, protect our heritage and environment and explore opportunities for businesses and economic growth.

You can find out more about the work of the Assembly and its Committees atwww.niassembly.gov.uk


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