Has the Green Party lost the plot?

A reader has written the following:

Has the Green Party lost the plot?

They have one MLA and what is he trying to do but bring in a Hunting Ban Bill that is a copy of possibly the worst piece of law ever to be passed in government history.  The hunting act has nothing to do with animal welfare and all to do with class war. The green party says it causes suffering to chase a hare or a fox with a dog.

Number one, prove it and number two why is it not then cruel to chase a rabbit with the same dog?

My point is this, why should I change my life to suit another just because they don’t agree with me? After years of one sided arguments in Northern Ireland resulting in one sided laws do we really want more?

I’ll end with one for anyone who cares.

10 years ago there were no hares in 99 percent of county down now they are thriving and its through gun clubs and a few dog men and their reintroduction work and not a ban on coursing.

What do you think? The Bill in question can be found on the Assembly’s website and one of its stated objectives is “The Bill will prohibit the hunting of wild mammals with dogs except where it is carried out in accordance with the conditions of an exemption”.

One Response

  1. The Green party is founded on a value system that has reverence for all beings, from humanity to the hare, fox and seal ‘communities’. So, I guess they would reply to your point with the question, ‘why should a fox change its way of life (i.e. from living to non-living) to suit your choice of a way of life?’
    The saddest point of the Hunting Bill is that it is needed at all. Do we want Northern Ireland to continue to be associated with barbaristic abuse of all minorities, including the minority animal population? The majority in our democracy refuse to have our country and countryside echoing with the cries of the tortured and tormented. We are the tenders of this world not the owners; we have no right to do with it as we please, particularly when it occurs under the banner of ‘sport’, ‘culture’ or as a way of life.
    Responsbility and respect, thats the future the majority wish for Northern Ireland.

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