MLA Attendance

I would like to know how many members are required to attend the various sessions and debates and how we can find out whether and how they voted.

It seems that there is no accountability and if a member fails to attend there is no record or consequence.

On 22nd June there was a vote on the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill but only 41 of a possible 108 MLAs were in attendance.  How can a vote be held with fewer than half of the members present?

One Response

  1. For business to go ahead in the Chamber you need to have at least 10 MLAs, including the Speaker.
    Votes are taken in two ways:
    (1) by voice and (2) recorded.
    If a vote is recorded, with MLAs going into the Aye or Noes Lobby, you can find a record of the way they voted in the Official Record (Hansard)which can be accessed on the Assembly’s website at
    Voice votes in the Assembly are not recorded and this practice is also one employed by Westmnister.

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