Dolores Kelly Speaks on the Impact of Climate Change

Northern Ireland has a duty to recognise impacts of Climate Change says Northern Ireland Assembly Environment Committee

Jennifer Pleavin asks Chair of the Environment Committee, Dolores Kelly MLA the following questions:

1. The Environment Committee has today launched a report into Climate Change. In brief, what were the key findings of the report?

2. Why was it important for the Committee to undertake this inquiry?

3. How does the Committee plan to ensure the recommendations of the report are acted upon?

For further information you can read the press release and the Committee’s Report or visit the Committee’s own website.

What are your views on climate change and do you think the Assembly or the Department are doing enough to tackle climate change?

One Response

  1. While welcoming the climate change inquiry and the documents produced by the committee the question has to be asked:
    How closer are we all to getting any mitigating projects on the ground?
    No money and no encouragement from anyone towards the innovation needed to ensure that we go quickly to a carbon free economy.
    I note with interest the Chairs comment that we all must do our bit to reduce global warning and I broadly agree. However as Ghandi once said “give me the tools and I will do it myself”.

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