The Irish Language Act

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  1. If we are to move forward we have to respect everyones culture, whether thats ulster-scots or the Irish language, and I think it is our (unionist) fault using Jim Wells premise, that the Irish language has been “hijacked” by republicans. We in the “loyalist” tradition should embrace it, and should have embraced it years ago, thus the republican ethos couldn’t have hijacked it.

  2. It wasnt too long ago that everybody on this island spoke Irish , but it was the will of the planters and their bosses the english to rob the Irish people of their language and culture, yes it would be fantastic for unionist people to grasp our Irish culture for the simple reason that they are going to have to in the next 20 odd years because an all Ireland state will be reinstated within this time scale slainte !

  3. Is mac léinn mé agus tá mé ag dul don Ghaeilge mo shaol iomlán. Chuireann sé imní orm le smaoineamh nach mbeadh acht againn don Ghaeilge. Má amharcann tú thart feictear go bhfuil an Ghaeilge thart orainn gach áit fiú ar Bhóthar na Sean Chille.

    I’m a University student. I’ve spoke Irish from I was in nursery and continued Irish medium education my whole life. I’m currently studying to become an Irish teacher. It worries and saddens me at the thought of not having an Irish Language Act implemented. The fact that certain Unionists are allowed to use it as a bargaining tool is absurd. It’s a language i’ve spoken my whole life and believe in greatly and for it not to recieve recognition in the North because of certain opinions that it is a ‘republican language’ is a joke. There have been many protestant throughout the history of this conflicted land that have helped push the Irish Language in order to survive.
    I think that if we are to move on and develop as a modern community instead of living in barbaric times with certain ministers running around acting like cavemen with clubs we need to givethe Irish Language the recognition it deserves.

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