Questions regarding ME

As the CFS Clinic in the Belfast City Hospital has closed, what provision is being made in the health service for adults, adolescents and children with ME?

What are the health committee doing to develop the specialist knowledge here in NI that all doctors/therapists require to treat people with ME (including GP’s)?

How many doctors here have training in ME?

Whilst the Dept of Health has suggested sufferers can seek referral to mainland UK for specialist treatment, how much money will it cost to send 7,000 sufferers to the UK for specialist treatment?

Where will this money come from, given the recent mention of cutbacks to services?

The Belfast Trust said small numbers attended the CFS Clinic, why then was there a waiting list and how long was that waiting list?

The Dept of Health has stated that patients would receive treatment “ranging from primary and community care to specialist regional neurology services, depending on their assessed individual needs”. If that is the case and none of the doctors at each of these services have training/knowledge of ME – what hope have patients with ME got of appropriate treatment?

South Belfast Road Show

Tonight we have Anna Lo (Alliance); Alex Maskey (Sinn Fein); Jimmy Spratt (DUP); Carmel Hanna (SDLP) and John McCallister (UUP).
Broadcaster Fearghal McKinney is tonights host and he is sure to keep the panel members on their toes.

Funding for Universties

Queen’s University is the largest employer in the South Belfast constituency. In the last financial cutbacks the then Executive proposed to wipeout the research funding of the NI universities. This was wisely restored by the Direct Rule administration.
However, can you assure me that the funding of NI universities for teaching and research will be maintained at least
at the level of comparable GB institutions and that funding will be
available for research into topics of special NI use?

Civil Service back pay

I would like the MLA’s to explain what the delay is regarding the civil service back pay?
In the current economic climate there are a lot of Civil Servants struggling to make ends meet on a monthly basis.

Community Policing

Will a community policing charge come in with the devolution of Policing and Justice?

Water Charges

Water charges are still to be based on pre-slump valuations. How is the price of your house anything to do with amout of water used?

Domestic Rates

When does the re-introduction of the regional element of domestic rates take place?