Is There Fair Representation For The Disabled?

Questions were raised over MLAs’ commitment to the visually impaired and why Northern Ireland does not have a disabled person’s commissioner.

The panel didn’t know why there was no commissioner to represent disabled people and could think of no reason why there shouldn’t be one. Mark Durkan offered that he would advocate such an appointment only if it would be the most efficient way of dealing with this issue. He highlighted the situation within Westminster which indicated that such a commissioner may not make a difference.

Should the appointment of some kind of disabled person’s commissioner become a priority in the Assembly? Why has Northern Ireland fallen behind the rest of United Kingdom in this area?

Can Executive Stop The Greencastle Ferry From Sinking?

The panel appeared eager for the executive to find a solution and come to the aid of the Greencastle ferry system. David McClarty described it as a “vital service” while Mark Durkan and Gregory Campbell hoped that, with a little imagination and innovation, something could be done for the ferry.

Is enough being done for tourism in the country?