The Assembly Still To Prove Itself

One audience member in Enniskillen addressed the cost of the Assembly and what people have actually gotten from restoration of the Assembly.

As a member of the opposition Alliance grouping, Stephen Farry suggested that the Assembly and more specifically, the Executive hadn’t yet proved itself a success: “I’m quite sceptical about what the Assembly has delivered so far, particularly in relation to the economy. A lot of important decisions have been tied up in deadlock of the Executive. I think the jury’s still out on the Assembly, there’s a lot more to convince people about.”

The DUP’s Maurice Morrow said that the principles of the Assembly were good and that people got what they voted for, but there is still a lot of work to be done and a lot for our MLAs yet to learn: “I believe the Assembly still has to achieve a lot. There is a learning process to go through but we’re going to learn a lot, keep at it and produce something for the people of Northern Ireland.”

SDLP’s Tommy Gallagher was adamant that people were getting much better value for money than they were under Direct Rule. He highlighted his point with an example of a small school that was saved from closure due to the government’s knowledge of local needs.

Do you think that the Assembly has delivered value for money so far? What do you think of the audience’s feeling that west of the Bann has been largely neglected by the devolved government?

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