Increase In Racist Attacks In Rural Areas Needs Tackled

One person in Enniskillen was concerned that the trend for racist attacks has increased in rural areas. He asked the panel what had been done to safeguard migrant workers and ethnic minorities from these attacks.

Tommy Gallagher was aware that violent racist crime was on the increase in places like Fermanagh as all of Northern Ireland becomes more culturally diverse. He said: “At Assembly level, we need to work much faster on the shared future strategy that we have because we are facing a more diverse society. Progress on that is very slow and I think that’s a pity.”

Maurice Morrow said that his own borough council area had seen the sharpest rise in population due to immigration but he had noticed a decline in racist crime. He went on to condemn racism, saying: “We all deplore racist attacks. There is no place for them.”

Have you noticed an increase in racist attacks in your area? What do you think of Tommy Gallagher’s claim that more money is needed for community groups and activists on the ground to promote good relations in a multicultural society?

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