Cutbacks Lead To Poor Quality Roads

One audience member in Enniskillen was aghast at the state of the roads in Fermanagh saying you could ‘bury a human’ in them and asked the panel what the Assembly was doing to combat this.

UUP’s Tom Elliot explained that there was a problem due to cutbacks in structural maintenance. He went on to say: “Road structural maintenance in Northern Ireland has been cut by almost 24% in the last year. That is an area that has a huge financial deficit.”
Pat Doherty from Sinn Fein agreed and elaborated that Northern Ireland only has a certain amount of money with which to work: “The core issue is finance. If you don’t have the finances, then you cannot complete the tasks you’d like to complete.”

The panel agree that the poor condition of rural roads is a problem throughout the country. Is it the same in your area? What should the Assembly do to combat the problem with limited finances?

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