Community Leaders Need To Tackle Racism

One audience member in Enniskillen speculated that as the economy worsens that people’s frustrations will grow and anger will manifest itself in more attacks on migrants and ethnic minorities.

Tom Elliott, UUP, said that in such situations, community leaders are needed to influence people’s actions and behaviours on the ground. He didn’t believe that government itself would do anything but added that but politicians must actively work in the community to make the situation better:
He said: “It is about working together. There is a responsibility on us to do something locally and we can do that and help in community areas.”

Pat Doherty, SF, condemned any such attacks and echoed Tom Elliott’s statement that it is best tackled on a local, community level, saying: “The answer isn’t always a law and order answer. It’s the attitude of community, the attitude of councillors, and the attitude of MLAs. It’s how you change the attitude of society that will stop all this.”

Do you agree with the panel that these attacks are best tackled on a local level?

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