Action Needed On Apprentice Redundancies

There were serious concerns about the many redundancies taking place in the current economic climate. What is particularly worrying is the number of young people getting laid off who haven’t yet completed their apprenticeships.

Tommy Gallagher agreed that it was a shame and could be to the detriment of Fermanagh and the West in the long run. Speaking about apprentices who get laid off he said: “We are going to lose them. They’re either going to stay here and become disaffected or else they’ll move somewhere else with the resources and the skill that they have. That would be a loss to the area.”

DUP’s Lord Morrow was confident that there would be a strategy to deal with the problem: “We have a local Minister here, Arlene Foster, who is totally dedicated to providing and producing a training and skills programme. I believe that with a Minister like Arlene Foster who has the ability, she will turn it around.”

Do you agree with Pat Doherty that a vibrant economy can be built on smaller indigenous industries?

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