Does The Electoral Register Give You Your Voice?

In light of the Chief Electoral Officer, Douglas Bain’s strategy regarding verification of the electoral register, does making ‘your voice heard’ only apply to households with fewer than 6 voters?

Declan O’Loan started the discussion by saying that the Chief Electoral Officer has a task to make sure he has an electoral register which is accurate, and he spoke of some 150,000 changes which were needed in the current year just to maintain its accuracy. He said that there should be a verification issue in households with more than 8 people.

Simon Hamilton spoke of his concern regarding the number of young people who are not on the electoral register for one reason or another. He felt this was more a problem with society than a problem with the Electoral Office.

Mickey Brady raised concerns with regard a letter his large family received from the Electoral Office giving them 14 days to respond or they would be removed from the register. He raised the issue of what would happen if the family had been on holiday. He also spoke of disenfranchisement, and said that young people need to be encouraged to exercise their right to vote.

Are you a young person and do you feel that perhaps your voice remains somewhat unheard? What would encourage you to vote?

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