Are Water Charges Inevitable?

Water charges have been deferred for two years but is it only a matter of time before we are paying for our water?

There was general agreement on the panel that water charges are on their way – and that the delay was brought in to give the public some relief in difficult times.

Mickey Brady pointed out that water charges are not new as homeowners have always paid for water as an integral part of the rates bills. He also explained that the infrastructure of the water system meant that investment was sorely needed.

Trevor Lunn from the Alliance added that the Executive has limited money raising powers and therefore it was sensible to use water charges to bring in much needed capital.

Danny Kennedy accepted water charges were on the way but felt that ‘metering needs to be introduced’ so that people pay in proportion to their consumption.

How soon do you think it will be before we are paying separately for our water? Do you think rates bills will decrease in fair proportion when water charges start?

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