Is Everyone With Specialist Needs Catered For

People with autism living in rural areas are finding it more and more difficult to get the specialist treatment that they desperately need.

Raymond McCartney spoke passionately about the need to ensure that all funding is ‘closely scrutinised and equality proofed’ and said that it was imperative that there are sufficient specialist therapists in all regions. Gregory Campbell countered by highlighting the difficulty in attracting therapists with specialist skill sets away from metropolitan areas – a problem that needs remedied.

Should specialist therapists be given bonuses to attract them to rural areas? Is it fair to expect people in need of specialist treatment to travel to the larger cities?

One Response

  1. The autistic people of Northern Ireland are some of the most vunerable in society. They and their families need support at all stages managing this difficult disability. I am appalled at the existing lack of services. We need to pass legislation for The Autism Bill.
    We want local services for local people!
    What use is a centre based in the middle of Ireland that is neither practical or accessible? An autistic child needs familiarity and stability.

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