MLAs Clash Over Prioritising NI’s Budget

When the question of the economy was raised in Lisburn, MLAs had very differing views over what was needed for Northern Ireland. Edwin Poots spoke of how cuts in departments were needed from Northern Ireland’s budget but ‘no Ministers have come forward with ideas to identify those cuts.’ He also spoke of his thanks of how the Assembly’s first priority upon restoration was the economy and how this has paid off.
Alban Maginness agreed with the person proposing the question saying;
“This is the worst financial and economic crisis in two or three generations. The fact is that this budget that we have has to be re-profiled.”

Do you agree with Alban Maginness that the Minister’s inflexibility on the budget will be detrimental in the next few years? Or do you feel that the initial move to prioritise the economy was and is the right thing to do?

One Response

  1. No Minister is going to want to give up money from their Department’s budget as they will have to cut services which will be electorally unpopular for them.
    A team of independent experts, possibly from the Northern Ireland Audit Office and accountable to the Public Accounts Committee, should be established to examine the value for money provided to the public for every service carried out by every Department and look for better ways of doing things.

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