Failures With The Disability Discrimination Act

One audience member highlighted the inefficiencies of local traders to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act and asked what panel members could do about the situation. Basil McCrea agreed that certain buildings aren’t 100% compliant with the needs of disabled customers but highlighted that the legislation applies to new buildings and isn’t retrospective. He also said that many buildings, including public buildings, aren’t up to scratch and that this is an ‘area that the Assembly should lead by example’.
The worry that businesses would sacrifice accessibility as an economic measure was addressed by David Ford. “It’s inevitable that people would try and take shortcuts during a recession, but there’s no reason why buildings shouldn’t be compliant and staff look after all the customers of businesses. That should not be affected by a recession.”

Are any aspects of the DDA applicable to you or any family members? What do you think the Assembly could be doing in order to ensure full compliance with the DDA?

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