Differing Opinions Over PMS Savers Getting Money Back

The Presbyterian Mutual Society has been one of the major topics of concern for local people. When the question was asked if the savers would get their money back, the answers from the panel weren’t encouraging. Edwin Poots thought that the money could be returned due to the sound financial investments made by the PMS but he thought it would be a matter of years before everything was rectified.
Basil McCrea was less optimistic and suggested that there would be difficulties. He said, “Even if eventually, there is the prospect of getting some money back, it will not be for a considerable time and there will definitely be losses,”
The panel did express their disappointment that somewhere like Northern Ireland has ‘fallen through the cracks’ and suggested that if it was somewhere in England then circumstances would be different and the government would have done more.

Pessimism was prevalent across the panel with regards PMS members regaining their savings. Is this something that has affected you? Share your thoughts with us here.

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