Anger About The Reduction Of Health Services

There were protests and questions asked in Lisburn about cuts in health services, the detrimental effect on patients and the job losses of medical staff. The limitations of a fixed budget, coupled with increasing and unavoidable overhead costs have been mostly to blame suggested Basil McCrea. Furthermore the ‘export’ of heart operations to Scotland and the Republic of Ireland was criticised by Edwin Poots: “There’s no reason we can’t perform this surgery in Northern Ireland at a lower cost, get an efficiency saving and benefit the public.”
David Ford of the Alliance Party went on to highlight the ‘real issues’ in the management of specialities in the health service. He elaborated on the lack of specialists e.g. cardiologists in our hospitals: “The blunt reality is that even if you had the money in the Lagan Valley, you probably couldn’t get the doctors and nurses.”

Where do the problems lie with our health service? Would you, like David Ford, suggest the Royal College is at fault?

2 Responses

  1. The cuts in lower grade administration staff mean that highly paid health professionals are having to spend more of their time doing paperwork. The new larger Trusts with massive budgets mean that managers are spread too thinly to properly ‘manage’ their services and are spending more of their time travelling to meetings and typing their own correspondence as many do not have any low grade admin and clerical support.
    The cuts in admin staff have not led to more frontline staff, but rather reduced the time they have available to do their jobs. Just look at the proposals to reduce the number of nurses.

  2. Congrats Mr Ford.
    Welcome to the real world; of course the Royal Collages are totally to blame. However, there is something that can be done about it, as it was in Scotland. However our MLAs are happy to wring their hands and say there is nothing that they can do.

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