MLAs Highlight The Importance Of Reaching Out To Voters

Poor voter turnout was also on the agenda in Belfast as MLAs were asked for their suggestions to improve voter turnout and how the electorate could use their vote better.
John McCallister suggested taking a leaf from the latest US elections and connecting with people on the ground: “In our own constituencies, we have to engage with people and groups on a vast range of issues.”
There was a suggestion that local politics had become bogged down in constitutional issues when the electorate had moved on. Francie Molloy went on to suggest that politics need to work better and deliver more and then the democratic process would appeal more to people and encourage them to vote.

Do you agree that a higher level of successful engagement between politics and constituents would encourage more to vote? And do you, or does anyone you know decline to vote? Also what do you think of Anna Lo’s concerns that ethnic communities are not using their votes?

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