Health, how to lobby a cross departmental issue

A representative of the Multiple Sclerosis Society mentioned how difficult and confusing it could be to get her charity’s messages across to the right people when there are cross-departmental issues. She asked the panel what would be the best way to approach the MS Society’s lobbying.
Alban Maginess gave a comprehensive answer;
“Anyone that’s lobbying should select the people that they wish to lobby. Every political party has spokespersons on the subject that you want. You must approach them personally. The idea of simply writing to people is wasteful.”
Nelson McCausland echoed Alban Maginess’ suggestion of establishing an All Party Group in the Assembly as a good starting point.

The issue here seems to be that sometimes different departments have trouble working together productively and simply. Is this an issue that needs addressing or have you ever had trouble lobbying different departments on the same issue?

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