Concerns Raised Over The Lack Of Awareness For Those With Hearing Difficulties

Health is always a major issue, but one disability which often doesn’t get the attention it warrants is deafness. One audience member raised the issue that there are thousands of people in this country who have hearing difficulties that can make everyday life a real struggle.
On this topic the MLAs all agreed that more should be done and Francie Molloy suggested that the Assembly being in its infancy may have hindered progress;
“The Assembly is at a very early stage but its one of the issues where we have to change legislation to ensure there is a quality of life delivered for the public.” Anna Lo echoed these concerns saying ‘we don’t do enough’ for people who are hard of hearing. She also felt that the department and committee should do more to ‘enhance accessibility’ for people who suffer from deafness and partial deafness.

Do you feel that local businesses, shops and administrative buildings do enough to help those who struggle with hearing? Is this something that affects you? If so what changes would you like to see?

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