Concerned Parent

Can I ask why after all the media coverage and all the meetings the families with sick babies in Chicago have had with the First and deputy First Minister, why no one has come up with a way to take them home and provide the service they need?

Your Assembly, Your Say

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Consultation Process

Is the consultation process a waste of taxpayer’s money and a waste of everybody’s time – politicians, civil servants and the public?

Prescription charges

I represent community pharmacists in Northern Ireland and whilst the lowering of prescription charges is welcomed by community pharmacy, is the abolition of charges sustainable and how does the Assembly propose to fund it?

There is also a concern that free prescriptions will give rise to increased pressure on GP services, overuse of antibiotics and other drugs and result in an increase in wastage of drugs, all having a negative effect on the drugs budget. What are the Assembly views?

The provision of social housing services

Has the Assembly carried out a detailed analysis on the provision of social housing services for Northern Ireland by examining which has proved more cost effective and efficient: the Housing Executive or Private Housing Associations? If the Assembly have carried out a comparison check will the results be made available to the public?

The allocation of social housing

Does the panel feel the allocation of social housing should remain with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive or transfer to Housing Associations or indeed the proposed Super Councils to be formed?

Barry McElduff MLA tells us why he attended the Omagh Roadshow